Homework Help

National Geographic Kids The Homework Help section provides assistance with research papers and projects. 

Khan Academy Khan Academy is a nonprofit that aims to provide “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” The site offers a growing library of high-quality educational videos that can help parents brush up on school subjects or guide their child through homework.

Fact Monster Fact Monster’s homework center offers resources for kids to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and units of measurement. The site also offers an atlas, almanac and encyclopedia, plus writing assignment advice, including how to write an essay, biography, and bibliography. 

Scholastic Parent & Child This site offers subject-specific resources which help you with spelling rules, government, geometric shapes, and more. Plus, with their Flash Card Maker you can make your own subject specific flashcards, and with their Spelling Wizard you can make a word scramble or word search that helps kids learn their spelling list in a meaningful and motivating way.

Wonderopolis This nonprofit website answers questions submitted by children with fact-filled, kid-friendly articles and fun-to-watch videos.